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The Origin of Rescue Remedy

"For everything in nature is simple"

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Who was Dr. Bach?

One could say he was a jack of all healers. He began life in England as a quiet, sensitive boy, foraging and frolicking in nature. Edward went on to study medicine and, after qualifying as a doctor in 1912, set up a private practice along the prestigious Harley Street in London. In 1917, he developed a cancerous tumor that nearly killed him. His recovery spurred his interest in whole body patient care and he began training in homeopathic medicine.

Dr. Bach first made his name patenting multiple vaccines as a bacteriologist which were used to prevent common chronic diseases of the time. He saw parallels between his vaccine therapy and homeopathy; he began developing his own homeopathic nosodes, which contain elements of disease or diseased tissue to treat health disorders (the man was a creative genius!).

However, his gentle nature made him turn from developing vaccines to inject into people's skin, to exploring the potency of flowers as remedies. This seemed less invasive and more pure to Dr. Bach, who clearly had a spiritual streak. He abandoned his work, accolades and the scientific method in 1930; 19 years of experimentation and reflection led him to produce the system of 38 flower remedies we know today.

Interestingly, toward the end of his life, he built a bonfire in his garden at Mount Vernon, and destroyed all his notes and findings, which he considering to be his system's "scaffolding". He wanted to make it as simple as possible for someone to use the remedies to heal themselves. You'll see the word simple infinite times in his books! Many of these are available for free download through the Bach Centre if you're interested. What I love about Dr. Bach is how selfless he seemed, for he rarely charged any of his patients, and he did not patent his flower essence system so as many people as possible could access it for years to come.

Crisis Averted

Rescue Remedy, also known as the "crisis combination", was created in a spur of the moment while Dr. Bach was vacationing in Cromer, an English seaside town. When he heard a sailor was shipwrecked for over 6 hours, clinging to his boat's mast, and had just washed up on the shore foaming at the mouth, he leapt to action! He quickly put together an emergency combination;

Star of Bethlehem - for shock and trauma

Impatiens - for any irritability or impatience

Clematis - for the dazed, dreamy state that one might enter into

Rock Rose - to deal with terror

Cherry Plum - for anger and hysterical states

As the tale goes, Dr. Bach ran down to the beach and dabbed this formula on the delirious sailor's lips. They thought he was a goner, but soon after this he perked up and asked for a cigarette! Since this day, millions worldwide have used the Rescue Remedy to deal with shock and stress in any crisis.

Rescue Remedy and You

How and when to use Rescue Remedy did I hear you ask? It's really easy. First, sourcing it. You can generally find Rescue Remedy drops, pastilles (natural candies), cream, and more at your local health store or pharmacy. They have versions for sleep, for pets and children, and ones with alcohol and glycerin. When in doubt of where to buy, find them online here.

You can follow the instructions on the bottle for how to take it. Simply, anytime you are in a "crisis" state, even if it is mild, like being in a traffic jam. It is good for anxiety and overwhelm, as well as terrifying and traumatic situations. Try and see how calm you are afterwards; do not take my word for it!

Take 4 drops at least 4 times a day to see the most difference. Add it to your water bottle and sip through the day. Put a few drops in your diffuser, bath or even a room spray. Plenty of options!

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