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    Empowering humans, one herb at a time.

  • Flower Essence therapy

    Let's face it: flowers are so much better than pills!

    Bach remedies are a simple, self-help system. Most people and their dogs have heard of Bach Rescue Remedy. More popular than you'd think, it is the #1 stress reliever worldwide. Fewer know about the 38 single remedies Dr. Bach - a physician, surgeon and homeopath - produced from extracts of wildflowers, plants and trees.


    The entire collection guides you toward emotional wellness and discovery. Each remedy works to safely restore equilibrium anytime you've lost your balance. A personalised formula can bring out your best self: whether it's feeling calmer, more courageous, joyful or centered.


    Learn more: www.bachremedies.com

  • How It Works

    Make the most of your time.


    Initial Consult

    Meet with me for a 60 minute virtual/phone consult to go over your concerns and goals. I recommend herbs and flower essences that may enhance your life.



    Your personal Bach formula is delivered to your door with instructions on how to take it.


    Personal Use

    Make use of the bottle until it's kaput or results are achieved. Observe and note down any changes during this time!



    Keep me in the loop with your progress and run any questions by me. I'll also follow up after 3 weeks. You may decide to schedule a follow-up to re-assess and build another formula.

  • Treat yourself

    Flower Essence Consults (please contact for sliding scale pricing)




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    Set of 3


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    Set of 5


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  • "Hale and hearty"

    Meaning: To be in robust, strong health.

    About Aleksa

    Founder & Practitioner

    I grew up in an organic household, taking lots of vitamins, doing cleanses and visiting holistic practitioners since before I can remember. Thanks Mom!


    Since I was 16, I've been meditating daily, as well as volunteering for Isha Foundation and other global welfare organisations. I graduated with a BBA in Social Enterpreneurship and afterwards lived with a small collective in the U.K. learning and breathing the permaculture life.


    My Dutch-Serbian heritage informs this space, especially memories I have with Baba, my maternal grandmother. I was frequently sick as a kid and her folkloric wisdom (and spoon-feeding!) healed me every time. She cared for me when I fell ill in 2017 with Lyme and co-infections. My treatment re-introduced me to herbs and led me to found Hale & Hart -- to empower others one herb at a time!


    I am training as a Herbalist, Master Gardener and have a Level II Certificate as a Bach Practitioner. I graduated from Sage Mountain's The Science and Art of Herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar in 2021. Wild Rose College is keeping me busy as I work towards becoming a Master Herbalist.


    I currently offer herbal and flower essence consults. Soon I hope to feature herbal products here, so please subscribe to get the low-down when my product line drops!

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